Media contacts

Olancha Peak. Photo by Serena Becker

We are happy to provide interviews. Ask Jack for contact information. Photo by Serena Becker

Contact Position How they can help Phone #
Jack Haskel; Trail Information Specialist, thru-hiker Swimming in the middle of PCT information, Jack is your primary contact. He’s walked every inch of the trail. 916-285-1846
Mark Larabee; Communicator Managing Editor Mark was a newspaper man for many years. He knows journalism. And he’s walked a little bit of the trail too. 503-880-5987
Mike Dawson; Trail Operations Director Mike knows trail and land management policy like no other. Widely regarded as an expert in the field, if you have questions about the details of PCT management, Mike has the answer. He’s laser focused on protecting and enhancing the trail experience.
The Volunteer From the people that organize volunteer programs for thousands, to the on-the-ground leaders and in-the-dirt volunteers, we’ll connect you to the story.
The Thruhiker and Rider Want to talk to someone who has previously or is currently traveling from Mexico to Canada? We’re at the crossroads of the long distance community.
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