Mountain Fire closure on Mt. San Jacinto

July 7th, 2014

The Mountain Fire started on July 15, 2013 near the junction of Highway 243 and Highway 74. The fire is out but the Pacific Crest Trail remains closed from Cedar Springs Trail (mile 162.5) north to South Ridge Trail (mile 178).

The Pacific Crest Trail was extensively damaged with up to 2 miles of the trail being lost as a result of damages caused by the Mountain Fire.

Mountain Fire Closure map as of June 24, 2014.

Mountain Fire Closure map as of June 24, 2014.

Possible alternate

This is a legal way to walk and bypass the closed portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Traveling northbound on the PCT, take the Cedar Springs Trail (TR. 4E17) downhill to the trailhead. Walk Morris Ranch Road to Highway 74. Walk north along  the Highway 74 corridor, past Hurkey Creek Campground. Turn right on May Valley Road. Take that road (technically, Road 5S05) and turn left on 5S21 to stay on May Valley Road. Turn right onto the South Ridge Trail. Take the South Ridge Trail (TR. 3E08) uphill, past the South Ridge Trailhead and rejoin the PCT near Tahquitz Peak.

Walker Pass to Yellow Jacket Springs

By: HyltonHiker
May 12th, 2014

The conditions on this part of the trail were in excellent shape with no felled trees across trail and tread was in good shape also, water is a different story with McIvers Spring not flowing but thanks to trail angles there were three gallons of water in the old cabin thats there. Yellow Jacket Spring was at a trickle. Did this hike on 5/3/14

Agressive Africanized Bees

By: Danielle Whitten
April 30th, 2014

On the trail yesterday 4/19/14 in the deep creek area around Apple Valley, CA by the red bridge my husband and I were attacked by very aggressive bees. It’s in a section of the trail where you walk through a tunnel of trees. The bees just came out of no where and the bees chased for a good 1/8 of a mile. Just wanted to let everyone know since numerous hikers were stung yesterday. Hopefully, someone can get out there and get this hive removed.