Hideaway at Old Station to Close

Old Station trail angel Firefly says in a letter to the PCT-L that The Hideaway will be closed to Pacific Crest Trail hikers this year:

Dear Friends,
This is a hard letter to write, but I can’t put it off any longer. I’ve made the decision that I need a year off and so The Hideaway at Old Station will not be open this coming season.

Last summer I had such fantastic help…and I still came away tired at the end of the hiker year. Maybe age is finally creeping up on me, I dunno…but there’s no excitement in my heart for this coming summer. Last year for a good portion of the season we were the last of five trail angels between Bucks Lake and Old Station. We really aren’t as badly needed as we were ten or even five years ago….this seems like a good time to take a vacation.

I realize that before coming to this decision, I’ve responded positively to some folks who’ve asked to come stay. Hopefully, they’ll become aware that things have changed, and that it’s not too late for them to change their plans. I’ll do my best to help them in any way possible.

I’ll be at Kick Off, spreading the word…I’m sending this to trail angels from the Saufleys to the Dinsmores, to ADZ, the PCTA, the pct-l and to many of the folks who’ve helped here at The Hideaway in the past. At this point I plan to have the water cache near the Hwy 44 Trailhead up and running as usual.

As a nod to the weather, I’ll mention that it’s snowing as I write this…and my daughter in the SF Bay Area sez it’s snowing at her place in Martinez as well. This is looking to be another big snow year, tho last year we saw flakes drifting down during the first week in June…something that I’d be surprised to see again this year.

Even tho The Hideaway won’t be open, I look forward to seeing lots of folks on the trail…good luck and God bless you all!