Southern Washington PCT Section Not Impassable Due To Logging

Update from the PCTA:

On August 2nd, 2011, loggers sent rocks tumbling onto the PCT. Columbia River Gorge NSA rangers report: “Beautiful day up near 3 Corner Rock! Great views. Location is about 1.25 miles almost due east of 3 Corner Rock and is situated just on the north side of the ridge between the Hamilton Creek and Rock Creek basins. The re-route is well-signed and is on a well-defined road…about a one minute walk. Still waiting on word from logger about timing of opening but the rocks are beyond the scope of a work party. ” Hike on!

See link to a map:

From trail closure information page:

A logger reports that blasting has dropped rocks onto the PCT making it impassable. The extent of the damage is not currently known. Currently the trail is not officially closed, just reported to be “impassable”. The damage is around PCT mile 2170, approximately 1 mile south of Three Corner Rock, or approximately 14 trail miles north of Cascade Locks, Oregon. An alternate is in place.