Unpaved State Hwy 173 To Be Permanently Closed Near Deep Creek, Mojave Forks Dam

Rob Langsdorf noted in his PCT Section Hiker’s Yahoo Group about the pending permanent closure of the unpaved section of State Hwy 173 [PCT mile 314.2] that impacts access to the PCT near Deep Creek [PCT mile 298.3] and Mojave Forks Dam [PCT mile ~314].

If you are planning to hike the PCT from the Deep Creek Bridge down to the Mojave Forks Dam, you can no longer use Highway 173 to shuttle vehicles from Lake Arrowhead down to the west fork of the Mojave River. Instead you will have to come up from the Deep Creek Bridge to Highway 173 on the east side of Lake Arrowhead. Here you would take Highway 173 south to Highway 18. Then you would go west on 18 to Highway 138 and follow that highway down past Silverwood Lake to the junction with the desert portion of Highway 173 and take that road east to get back to the PCT at the end of this paved road section of Highway 173. Actually it sounds as though they plan to close the road about a half mile west of the PCT. So remember to include this new route in your plans if you plan to hike this segment of the PCT some weekend.



Note that some parts of the PCT along Deep Creek from Devil’s hole to Mojave Forks Dam have been washed out by late fall 2010 storms. See PCTA.org for information on trail conditions.