A summary of Pacific Crest Trail updates for 2012

Updated 3/24/12 – added note that Olallie Lake Resort still does not accept resupply packages
Updated 2/3/12 – added note about Equada Outfitters closing, mile 266

[Mile ~14] A major new high voltage power line called the Sunrise Powerlink is currently being built across the Pacific Crest Trail on the south side of Hauser Canyon near South Boundary Road.

[Mile 110] Warner Springs Ranch, the hot spring resort popular with PCT hikers, has closed pending the sale of the ranch to the Pala Band of Mission Indians. The resort, hot spring pool, gas station, mini-mart, restaurant and golf corse were all closed as of January 2012 and it is not known if they will reopen in time for thru-hiker season. The Warner Springs Post Office remains open.

[Mile 211] New trail angels Ziggy and the Bear have relocated just north of Interstate Highway 10 near Cabizon. They live 2/10 mile east of the PCT and accept hiker resupply packages. Ziggy and the Bear are on Halfmile’s 2012 maps.

[Mile 266] Equada Outfitters is now a Yoga studio, don’t send packages there or expect to buy hiking gear or stove canisters. The Big Bear area no longer has an outfitter but the Big Bear hostel [909-866-8900] plans on selling fuel canisters and maybe a few other gear items.

[Mile 298] The Deep Creek Detour will likely remain in effect for the 2012 hiking season due to landslides and damaged bridges. This detour map is not included in Halfmile’s 2012 PCT maps. Hikers can download detour maps here:
www.pctmap.net/detour/index.html or

[Mile 345 – 441] Poodle-dog Bush was especially bad last year in the Station Fire burn area [PCT miles 400 – 441] but it also may be found in the Sheep Fire burn area [PCT miles 345 – 359] and other burn areas in southern California. Wear long sleeves and long pants in California Section D.

[Mile 386] The Endangered Species Detour to protect the nearly extinct Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog is a long term detour that remains in effect for 2012. This detour is included in Halfmile’s 2012 California Section D maps or detour maps can be downloaded here:
www.pctmap.net/detour/index.html or
Learn about the frog here: www.mylfrog.info

[Mile 413] The Station Fire Detour will probably continue through 2012. The Station Fire was a huge arson-caused fire in 2009 that burned more than 250 square miles of Angeles National Forest. Beware of the Poodle-dog bush in this burn area. The 4.6 mile detour is along an unpaved road near the PCT. The Station Fire detour map is not included in Halfmile’s 2012 PCT maps. Hikers can download the detour map here:
www.pctmap.net/detour/index.html or

[Mile 767 – 943] A wind storm blew through California’s Sierra on November 30 causing widespread damage to several areas of the Inyo National Forest and adjacent public lands. From Mount Whitney to Tioga Pass, thousands of trees were affected by the storm.

Jack Haskel writes about the wind damage in the January 31, 2012 PCTA “Trail Dirt” email newsletter:
“Once the snow melts, it’s likely to take a long time to clear and repair roads and campgrounds, not to mention the PCT. Some locations may be temporarily closed. Trail users should be aware that there might be trees with weakened root systems or that have only partially fallen. Those could fall later, so pick your routes and your campsites carefully.”

[Mile 1156] Bill and Molly Person will not be hosting hikers at Pooh Corner near Donner Pass in 2012.

[Mile 1354] Pat and Valerie Flack are the new managers of the hiker friendly Drakesbad Guest Ranch. They are replacing Ed and Billie Fiebiger who managed Drakesbad the past 21 years.
In a recent email Ed Fiebiger writes:
“Nothing will change in our service to the PCT community and we are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Ranch. Billie and I will still be working on the Ranch to guide the new team in the procedures and you can be assured that the service will be of the same quality you have been used to.”

[Mile 1378] Old Station trail angel Firefly is no longer hosting PCT hikers.

[Mile 1378] The Old Station Post Office was on the post office closure list due to budge cuts. I have been told by postal employees in Old Station that the post office will not be closed. I have seen no official announcement about this, but apparently this post office will remain open.

[Mile 1507] The Castella Post Office is still on the post office closure list due to budget cuts. Check before sending any packages here. Dunsmuir, 5.5 miles north of the PCT on Hwy 5 has a post office and grocery stores, but it can be difficult for hikers to navigate Interstate Highway 5.

[Mile 1507] Castle Crags State Park is on the California state park closure list due to budget cuts. The PCT crosses state park land but if the park closes hikers can continue to use the trail. The Castle Crags campground will likely be closed unless local groups take over operation of the park from the state of California.

[Mile 1,750] The Hyatt Lake Resort has moved a 1/2 mile up the road [it’s now 1.4 miles NW of the PCT]. They still accept hiker resupply packages USP only. Note the new address:
(Hiker Name)
c/o Hyatt Lake Resort
7900 Hyatt Prairie Road
Ashland, OR 97520

Hyatt Lake Resort phone: 541-482-3331
Hyatt Lake Resort website: www.hyattlakeresorts.com

[Mile ~2,000] A section of the PCT remains closed from the 2011 Shadow Lake Fire in Oregon. Hopefully it will be opened before thru-hikers reach this area, but we won’t know for a few months.

From PCTA.org:
“While we don’t have an expected opening date, the Forest Service and the PCTA hope that it will be open before most trail users attempt to enter the area.”

[Mile 2053.6] Olallie Lake Resort is under new ownership and no longer accepts hiker resupply packages.

[Mile 2,188] Stabler’s Country Store closed in 2010.

[Mile 2,509 – 2,557] The Glacier Peak Detour [which was ignored by most PCT hikers the past few years] has officially been lifted after the rebuilding of several bridges in this area. The length of the PCT increased by about five miles because of the new bridge locations. Halfmile’s 2012 Washington Section K maps show these updated trails and bridges.

[Mile 2,580]
The Stehekin Post Office was on the post office closure list due to budge cuts. I have been told by postal employees in Stehekin that the post office will not be closed. I have seen no official announcement of this, but apparently this post office will remain open.

Breaking News: From the January 31, 2012 PCTA “Trail Dirt” email newsletter: “The Stehekin Post Office, crucial to PCT hikers for resupply, will not be shuttered…”

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