Chips fire grows to 6,034 acres, 5% contained, Belden on "precautionary evacuation"

The Chips fire has grown to 6,034 acres, and still is only 5% contained. Belden is on “precautionary evacuation”.

PCT is closed north of Belden to the Milkhouse Flat area (PCT mile 1307). Expect that to grow and there is no practical way to walk around the fire.

It’s probably best for hikers to avoid Belden and hitch to Quincy from Bucks Summit (PCT mile 1270). Belden and/or Highway 70 could be shut down any time.

Piper’s Mom reports on Facebook today:
Chips Fire Detour: Cornucopia said that they tried to hitch from Quincy-La Porte Road to Quincy and gave up. No traffic. They continued on to Buck’s Summit and quickly got a ride to Quincy and caught the bus to Chester. The trail is open to Belden, but may be much harder to get a ride there.


PCTA Closure Information:

Plumas Transit bus service from Quincy: