New signs going up on Shasta-Trinity NF

Mike McFadin. recreation technician for Shasta-Trinity NF

Mike McFadin, Wilderness/Trails Program Manager for Trinity River Management Unit, USFS poses with a big smile and a bunch of new PCT signs.

Last year, a PCTA member donated $5,000 specifically to improve trail signage. That’s an amazing gift to the trail, and we’d like to specifically thank our donor for seeding this important project.

Jennifer Tripp, PCTA trail operations manager, had the job of collecting orders for new signs from along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. “It sounded so easy,” Jennifer mused, after the process was finally done. “How hard could it be to order signs?”

For the rest of the story, read Dana Hendricks’ article How difficult can signs be?, or if you’re really curious, join us in our volunteer program.

Author: PCTA Staff

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