PCT youth Hike the Hill

This is Adam Higelin reporting on my first day volunteering for “Hike the Hill” 2013.  I’m 15 years old and I am a sophomore at Norco High School in southern California.


Congressman Blumenauer (OR) listens to Korbi, Katie and Adam.

Our first day was Monday and it definitely came at us quickly. The highlight of my day was getting to meet Congressman Earl Blumenauer, however, this was not all that this trip contains.  After waking up for an orientation at 8:30 (keep in mind we are all still adjusting to the time difference) we set out on our quest to “Hike the Hill.”

Considering that I’m new to all of this since I haven’t volunteered for this event before, I was nervous. However with the guidance of my confident and knowledgeable team, my first meeting to gain support for the funding for this years request went well along with the following meetings of the day.

The Trails Caucus Congressional Reception after the day’s meetings was the best part of the day.  Along with great food and drinks, I was able to meet with Congressman Earl Blumenauer and talk to him about my role in D.C. this week which is to represent the youth’s view of the trail.  The other high school students on the trip with me to do that are Korbi and Katie Thalhammer.  This experience has given me a wider perspective on my future with the trail.  I’m now able to see the extent of the PCTA and gain valuable insight into how I can help preserve it for my children and future generations.

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Author: PCTA Staff

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