Peggy Porto’s gift to the trail

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When most people think about volunteering with the PCTA, they think about re-benching tread, constructing bridges, or improving drainages. What many don’t realize is that volunteers get involved with our organization in many different capacities outside of trail maintenance. An outstanding example of this is our long standing administrative volunteer Peggy Porto. Peggy has been donating her time in the Sacramento headquarters since 2002, when her son Jason first hiked the PCT.

“Volunteering means being able to help out with some of the time-consuming office tasks so the staff can concentrate on the most important issues,” says Peggy. “It means giving time to something I believe in – a trail that enriches the lives of so many. It also means having the opportunity to work with the most wonderful group of people.”

Peggy has been an essential presence in our main office for over a decade!

Peggy has been an essential presence for over a decade!

Peggy happily helps in the substantial undertaking of mailing thank-you letters to our volunteers and PCT Communicator to our members. She also aids in other day-to-day office tasks, including filing paperwork and organizing archives. Peggy expressed how gratifying it is when she can reference past documents and answer questions about them due to the time she has devoted to this work.

Peggy’s contributions to the PCT extend beyond the walls of our office. She and her husband Steve own a cabin at Echo Summit, where they warmly welcome PCT thru-hikers to spend the night. They have made some incredible friends through their generosity and joy for the hiking community.

“To others who are considering volunteering, I would say you get more out of it than you give,” Peggy said. “It’s always an enriching and satisfying experience to volunteer. It is fun, very flexible, and you meet some great people – and you are much appreciated!”

All of us here at the PCTA would like to extend many thanks to Peggy for all she has done for us over the years and all she will do in the future! Your hard work and passion are truly inspiring!

Author: Gina Edwards

As the Volunteer Programs Assistant, Gina helps coordinate trail maintenance projects for our 1,637 volunteers. She's involved with everything from project planning to volunteer recruitment. Want to volunteer with us? Shoot her an email and she'll help find you the perfect project!