Powerhouse Fire

UPDATE: 6/14/13  2:50 pm: The Powerhouse Fire is 100% contained. Much of the PCT through the Santa Clara/Mojave Rivers Ranger District portion of the Angeles National Forest remains closed.

Angeles National Forest informs us that northbound trail users should leave the PCT at  San Francisquito Canyon Road. Take San Francisquito Canyon Road north to Elizabeth Lake Road, then go west on Pine Canyon Road to the PCT. You might also choose to take Three Points Road north to Highway 138. For an option further removed from paved roads, walking the California Aqueduct from Munz Ranch road, is a potential route.

UPDATE: 6/4/13  2:30 pm: While the Powerhouse Fire remains active, the fire has moved away from the aqueduct. Trail users can once again walk the aqueduct detour between Bouquet Canyon Road and Hikertown (Highway 138). Note that PCTA and Angeles National Forest have not driven the detour since it re-opened. The official PCT remains closed at this time.

UPDATE: 6/3/13 9:38 am: The Monday morning press release indicates that the burn area has grown to 29,584 acres, provides details on the fire fighting efforts and projects which directions the fire will grow towards. The PCT remains closed with no suggested alternate in place.

The Sunday night press release is also available for viewing.

UPDATE: 6/2/13 9:54 am: The Sunday morning press release details the extreme growth in the fire last night.

Powerhouse Fire Information will be provided to the media during a daily press conferences beginning this afternoon at 4:00 pm at the Incident Command Post/Base Camp, Pelona Vista Park, 37700 Tierra Subida Ave, Palmdale, CA  93550.

UPDATE: 6/2/13 9:20 am: The official perimeter map published around 6 am: 20130602_Powerhouse_IR_map_11x17

Google Earth view with the PCT:

The Powerhouse Fire and the PCT as of the morning of June 2nd.

The Powerhouse Fire and the PCT as of the morning of June 2nd.

UPDATE: 6/2/13 7:50 am: The alternate is closed. Do not take it.

UPDATE: 6/2/13 1:00 am: The fire has approached the aqueduct. Hikers should not take the aqueduct detour.

UPDATE: 6/1/13 11:50pm: It is being reported that the fire has grown dramatically tonight. It’s possible that the re-route is threatened. The fire may have approached the aqueduct. Please refer to other sources (Twitter, the news) for up to date information. Do not enter the area. As always, call 911 if your safety is threatened.

UPDATE: 6/1/13 11:00 pm: Saturday evening press release. The Powerhouse Fire is changing fast. More evacuations have taken place and the fire has grown in size. Read the press release for details. We have heard reports for hikers successfully walking the PCT re-route.

UPDATE: 6/1/13 6:32 pm: A very nice Forest Service recreation officer has checked and confirmed that hikers can walk along the aqueduct.

UPDATE 6/1/13 12:10 pm: The Saturday morning press release talks about the spread of the fire and the PCT re-route along the California Aqueduct. Also published about an hour ago, is this June 1st map of the Powerhouse Fire. Hikers have been inquiring about access issues along the aqueduct. Incident Command reports that while the aqueduct road is closed to cars, it should be open to pedestrians. A local officer should be field checking the situation this afternoon. We do not currently have information about water availability along the aqueduct. If you have helpful information, please email Jack at [email protected]. (Note that I’m not working much this weekend, so I may not respond.)

UPDATE 5/31/13 2:05 pm: A second press release details an enlarged closure area and detour for the PCT. The trail is now closed from Bouquet Canyon Road (mile 466) to the intersection of the California Aqueduct and the PCT near Highway 138 (mile 518). The Powerhouse Fire is expected to grow. The detour is enlarged to minimize the danger to trail users and the potential need for rescues. A map of the new closure is below:

this detour is closed and threatened by fire

This alternate re-opened 6/4/13

UPDATE 5/31/13 12:10 pm: A press release detailing the initial PCT closure (now out of date) and early history of the fire is available.

UPDATE 5/31/13 11:18 am: [This alternate is out of date.] An alternate map showing a road walk around the closure area is now available.

UPDATE 5/31/13 11:08am: The Pacific Crest Trail has been closed from Bouquet Canyon Road to Lake Hughes Road. Maps and alternates to follow.

Thanks to SoCal Team One for coordinating fire efforts and working with us on communications.

5/30/13 5:30 pm: The Powerhouse Fire along San Francisquito Canyon Road is burning near the PCT and Green Valley, CA. This is an active incident with high potential for growth. Part of the community of Green Valley is (was?) under mandatory evacuation. Please be safe and avoid the area.

Closure order: Angeles National Forest Powerhouse Fire Closure Order 06-01-2013

Alternate map: The alternate is open again along the aqueduct

Inciweb: http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3399/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23PowerhouseFire&src=hash

California Fire News blog: http://calfire.blogspot.com/2013/05/ca-anf-powerhousefire-500-to-600-acres.html

News reports:

Cal Fire Incident Page: This is not a Cal Fire incident.

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