Pyramid Peak now belongs to you

Another piece of the PCT in the checkerboard lands south of Snoqualmie Pass is now permanently protected!

The U.S. Forest Service recently purchased the 480-acre Pyramid Peak property from the Plum Creek Timber Company. The Trust for Public Land was holding the parcel until the Forest Service could secure the $874,000 needed to bring the property into public ownership. The TPL has played a vital role in helping to secure several parcels within the PCT corridor. The money to buy the property came from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which sets aside money for conservation efforts from lease payments collected on offshore oil and gas exploration. See our page about trail protection.

PCTA has been working closely with the Forest Service and other partners to identify lands that, if preserved, will protect the experience that the PCT provides. There are some great views of Pyramid Peak from the trail. The surrounding area was heavily logged back in the 1980s. With proper management, the forest is already returning to health. The natural beauty of this area will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

You can read more about this wonderful success, with quotes from our very own Mike Dawson, Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Buffer Land Permanently Protected.

We're relieved that the area is now permanently protected.

We’re relieved that the area is now permanently protected.

Author: Bob Woods

Bob Woods is our former North Cascades Regional Representative. He was in charge of the PCT from White Pass (in the middle of Washington) to the Canadian border. Bob worked on the National Trails System for over a decade and was a ranger before that. He has since moved on to a new career but remains active with the Pacific Crest Trail.