Salmon River Complex fires near Etna, Calif.

last update: 8/6/13 @ 9:27am

The Salmon River Complex is burning in the Marble Mountains near Etna. The Pacific Crest Trail remains open as of 9:00 am 8/6/13. The current emergency forest closure uses the PCT as it’s eastern edge. The previous link includes a map of the closure. The fire is burning about 5.5 miles west of the PCT and Etna Summit.

Hikers report very heavy smoke in the area. The Forest Service recommends this page about protecting yourself from smoke.

As trail users head north, they will encounter smokey conditions in Southern Oregon due to various fires burning dozens of miles west of the PCT. The nearest, the Whiskey Complex west of Crater Lake, is about 25 miles from the trail.

Infrared data published 8/5/13 at 5:00am.

Infrared data published 8/5/13 at 5:00am.

Author: Jack "Found" Haskel

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