Seeking volunteers for September 27-29 in Washington

Photo by Stephen Fortney

Photo by Stephen Fortney

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What’s the best way to enjoy a crisp, early-autumn weekend? Out on the PCT, of course! Join the Sasquatch crew in the Indian Heaven Wilderness, Wash. for the weekend of September 27-29 to help with their last project of the season. We will be camping near Blue Lake to do some tread work on the trail near Berry Mountain and enjoy the changing colors.

You can meet us at the Thomas Lake Trailhead at 8:00am on either Friday or Saturday. Meals will be provided starting with dinner on the 27th (please bring a lunch for that day). We’ll also provide tools, personal protective equipment, and instruction- you will need to bring your sleeping bag, tent, and personal items. The weather report for the weekend looks good right now, but if it turns sour we will cancel. Those who wish to join or have questions should contact the Sasquatch Crew Leader Bill Hawley at [email protected] or (503) 312-3938. Happy Trails!

Author: Jack "Found" Haskel

As the Trail Information Manager, Jack works to connect people to the PCT. He's involved with a wide variety of projects that help the trail, the trail's users and the community that surrounds the experience. He has thru-hiked (Pacific Crest Trail in 2006; Colorado Trail in 2008; Continental Divide Trail in 2010) and is an obsessed weekend warrior.