Northern California 50th Anniversary Wilderness Celebration – Red Bluff, Calif. Oct. 10-12

Join us at the Wilderness Treasures Rendezvous – Celebrating 50 Golden Years in Red Bluff, Calif. The event will be held October 10-12 at Tehama District Fairgrounds.

Free and open to the public, it’ll be a fun weekend with a wide range of opportunities and perspectives on wilderness, including recreation, ecological diversity, conservation, history and culture. It celebrates the rugged and breathtaking federally managed wilderness areas from Sacramento to the Oregon border.

You’ll have the opportunity to gather, learn, swap stories, discover new places and meet fellow wilderness enthusiasts. Come celebrate wilderness and the beauty of these treasured landscapes. With displays, demonstrations, workshops, speakers, live music, great food, art fair, camping and more, this is a great family event!

Whether you’re an experienced wilderness lover, or have never been, we encourage you to come, learn and have fun.

For more information on the Northern California 50th Anniversary Wilderness Celebration, including registration for dinner, concert, camping or stalls, and vendor interest forms, please visit the event’s page at

Author: Justin Kooyman

Justin Kooyman is PCTA’s Associate Director of Trail Operations. He works on trail protection and management projects out of our Northern Sierra regional office in Portola, CA. When not working, Justin can be found exploring the Northern Sierra, especially looking for uncommon birds in Plumas County.