PCTA’s 2013 Annual Report: a year to remember

Pacific Crest Trail Association members and supporters are givers. You give your time, your money, your ideas and your sweat to take care of this trail, which touches thousands of lives in ways we can only imagine.

We typically measure the year in numbers. In 2013, our volunteers gave 85,450 hours to the trail, an in-kind value of just over $1.8 million. We raised another $1.4 million in private funds to supplement nearly $1 million in government grants. We held 26 volunteer training events and maintained 1,454 miles of the trail. All that and other aspects of our work certainly put us on solid operational and financial footing. And that’s important.

But taking care of this one-of-a-kind trail is about so much more than balancing numbers and dollars and counting hours and miles. Today, with this report, we celebrate not only our fiscal well being, but the many stories of personal fulfillment, the joy of the experiences we’ve all had out there and the potential for touching lives yet imagined.

Read about our successful year in our 2013 Annual Report.

Click on the image to read the report.

Click on the image to read the report.

Author: Liz Bergeron

Liz Bergeron has served as the Executive Director and CEO of the Pacific Crest Trail Association since 2001. When she’s not working diligently to protect, preserve and promote the PCT, you may find her taking long walks in her neighborhood, day hiking on a local trail or introducing new hikers to the PCT.