Video of 142 Days on the PCT in 6 Minutes

Thru-hikers on the PCT often take time to document their journeys in a consistent way. Journals and blogs are fairly ubiquitous among hikers, but are often discontinued when making miles takes precedence over writing. Time-lapse videos like such as 170 mornings on the PCT are awesome, but what about capturing the actual hiking? Still photographs have a hard time communicating the motion of a five-month walk. Enter Tyler Fox’s video:

Using snippets of video recorded on his 2013 PCT hike, Fox conveys the right- foot-, left- foot reality of 142 days on the PCT. The lively, if somewhat shaky result is nothing if not authentic. In a response to a commenter suggesting Fox stabilize the clips for a smoother video, Fox explains, “I made a conscious decision to stay true to the nature of the trail.” The video, despite the compression of full days into three-second clips, is more than six minutes long – a testament to the sheer distance covered by the trail. You can check out Fox’s account of all things PCT on his blog Halfway Anywhere.

Author: Korbi Thalhammer

Korbi is a long-time volunteer with the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He’s currently working in our Sacramento office between high school and a summer 2014 thru-hike of the PCT. He coordinated PCT maintenance through his high school and has travelled multiple times to Washington D.C. to advocate for congressional support for the trail.