A nurse’s gift keeps the Pacific Crest Trail open

LeeAnn Clark was recognized with PCTA’s Labor of Love award for her unique contributions to our volunteer program.

As a professional nurse, LeeAnn came to us in 2008 asking if her medical expertise could be of use. Yes, we answered. Not only does PCTA call for at least one person trained in first aid on each work party, but first aid and CPR are requirements on the way to becoming a certified sawyer. Paying for conventional first aid training ends up being a significant cost for our volunteer programs.

LeeAnn said she would research how to become a certified instructor for a recognized First Aid and CPR provider, and then teach the courses to other volunteers, for nothing more than covering her costs. She’s offered several trainings per year since then. She’s stayed on top of the changing first aid scene and changed programs when it made sense, to offer a better wilderness curriculum and better economy for our trail dollars. She’s brought other medical professionals into the volunteer fold.

Dana Hendricks and LeeAnn Clark.

Thanks to LeeAnn, sawyers and crew leaders all up and down the Pacific Northwest are better enabled to lead safe work crews. LeeAnn has also made other diverse contributions as a PCTA volunteer, from joining week-long crews, to acting as camp cook. She and her husband Lee are even engaging in historic trail sign restoration. They have hiked many sections of the PCT and regularly offered help to hikers. These contributions to the PCT exhibit a true Labor of Love.

Author: Dana Hendricks

Dana Hendricks, our Columbia Cascades Regional Representative, is in charge of the PCT from Windigo Pass, Oregon through the Columbia River Gorge. She lives with her husband, Paul, and her little hiker, Gus, just a couple miles from the Bridge of the Gods. She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Oregon.