Do More With Less – a new documentary about the Pacific Crest Trail

Do it. Schedule an evening and watch this movie. It’s wonderful. The Pacific Crest Trail is a magical experience and we’re sure that Do More With Less will leave you inspired to get out and have your own adventure.

Congratulations to Eric Timmerman and Travis Barron for making this beautiful film! Eric graciously wrote the following bit for our blog.

On May 2, 2014, we showed up at the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail prepared to hike all the way to Canada. With two small cameras and basic audio recording equipment, our goal was to get people talking about the PCT community.

The idea was simple: hike to Canada and interview hikers. Hikers are some of the most resourceful, optimistic and determined people in the world. Everyone quit their jobs and said goodbye to friends and family to go hike for six months and live in the woods. We all walked all day, every day, living and breathing the trail. Everyone had been preparing for this trip for months and some for years. This was their passion, for some a turning point in life, and it meant a lot to everyone. So when we asked people to talk about it, it was like a gushing faucet.

The guys of Do More With Less.

The guys of Do More With Less.

By the time we reached the Canadian border, we had interviewed more than 100 people. The result was Do More With Less, a documentary narrated by a community of hikers walking the Pacific Crest Trail. Throughout the 2,660 miles and endless challenges, the community talks about hiking, abandoning the grid and how to live an adventurous lifestyle. The film unfolds as a conversation about outward experiences on the trail as well as what goes on in the mind of a thru-hiker.

Watch Do More With Less:

Soon after leaving the Mexican border, you realize the PCT is not a solo journey. For many, the beauty of the trail comes from the people you hike with. The system of support surrounding long-distance trails is unlike anything in the world. We are all looking out for one another and everyone wants to help. Trail angels and random people offer rides to town and even offer places to stay. There were countless moments of deep appreciation.

Some of the questions you get when taking off on a trip like this are: “How do you fund a trip like that?” “What do you do with all of your stuff?” and “How do you pay your bills?”


Peoples’ possessions are their anchors and sometimes having less allows you to do more with your life. Hikers take off with just what can fit in their pack, getting to know exactly what they need and getting rid of everything else. Long-distance hiking is a perfect exercise in doing more with less. The more gear you carry, the heavier your pack. The heavier your pack the higher your risk of injury. The same thing applies in life. Owning more means more things to manage and more things tying you down. What if we held experiences at a higher value than things?

If there is one message we could convey with this film it is that the adventures that you want in life are doable. If you want something bad enough you will make it happen. The biggest fear before starting a journey is the unknown, but help comes in the craziest of ways. You will remember the people whom you share this experience with for the rest of your life.

This free documentary is available at or like our Facebook page “Do More With Less.” We believe strongly in the messages of the film, and feel that everyone has a right to see it. The biggest thing you can do to help with the project is to spread the word and tell your friends!

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Drying gear on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Drying gear on the Pacific Crest Trail.


Eric Timmerman and Travis Barron