Fundraisers we love: the mYAMAdventure thru-hikers

Fundraiser: mYAMAdventure hikers

Amount Raised to Date: $14,223

Fundraising page:

In 2014, YAMA Mountain Gear founder Gen Shimizu had an idea. He’d sponsor five hikers during their Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike, supply them with gear and raise money for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He called it mYAMAdventure.

Gen says: “I love helping people get out for their first ‘big’ hikes – to play a part in their transformation as they hike from border to border is very rewarding. I feel it’s vital that we, as a hiking community, work together to protect and preserve that which means so much to us. Personally, this program lets me help people get outside, and allows me to bring resources to those protecting our trail, more so than I could on my own.”

Gen Shimizu, founder of YAMA Mountain Gear, with one of his tents.

Gen Shimizu, founder of YAMA Mountain Gear, with one of his tents.

When a hiker is selected as part of the mYAMAdventure team, they promise to raise money for PCTA through So far mYAMAdventure hikers have raised more than $14,000 for the PCTA. Way to go!

In 2016, Gen plans to add the Appalachian and Continental Divide trails to the program. If you plan on hiking one of the three trails next year and think you’re up for the challenge, check out mYAMAdventure for details.

Watch a video about YAMA Mountain Gear

Watch this video about Gen’s philosophy of “hiking simply” and what building gear and getting outside means to him. Learn more about his passion for trails here.

YAMA Mountain Gear from Peter Crosby on Vimeo.

Our deep thanks to the 2015 hikers

Thank you to this year’s mYAMAdventure team on their fundraising efforts. We hope you had a great time on the trail!

Bill and Jennifer Anders

After Bill retired from the military in early 2013, we moved from Germany to Oregon, where we quickly discovered the PCT. We have been using the trail extensively on day hikes and for Bill to access views for his photography, a passion of his for 25 years. It was while using the trail that we began to wonder who maintained it. That’s when we discovered the PCTA. Bill has been a volunteer with the PCTA, spending many days working to restore the trail for users.”

Bill and Jennifer Anders

Bill and Jennifer Anders

Helen Beckers

We used to be a part of nature, we were nature… And we still are, we just have to start remembering again.”

Visit Helen’s blog:

While I hike the pct I'm raising money for the #PacificCrestTrailAssociation. The @pctassociation promotes, protects and preserves the trail, so that not just we but also our children and future generations can walk this path and experience the beauty and importance of wilderness, nature and wildlife. Zero of the money goes to me, each donation goes directly to the PCTA! You can donate just as little as 10$ and still make a difference! Or if you donate 25$ (and up) the PCTA will grant you membership benefits. You'll get a cool sticker, a map (where you can follow us hikers) and a magazine. If you are frikkin rich, like really, consider donating more, maybe like a 1000$. You'll gain superhero status. Kind of. If you're not rich, I'm happy about each dollar! Cause from little things big things grow! Go to my blog and click on #donate !!! Thank you sooo much! #PCTig #pacificcresttrail #PCTA #makeadifference #Ineedyourhelphere

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Kat Davis

“Hikers of today and tomorrow are so incredibly lucky the PCTA exists.”

Dan Moe

“A journey of epic proportions cannot be done alone. Though I may be hiking from Mexico to Canada on my own two feet, the Pacific Crest Trail Association exists to ensure that walking is the hardest thing I’ll have to do.”

Thank you all for your contributions! We’ve also loved following your blogs, photos and inspiring stories.

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Author: Shari Hansen

As Associate Director of Philanthropy, Shari connects people to the PCTA through membership. She loves to play outside, hike the PCT and she has an insatiable love of travel.