Roger Carpenter’s story, the real Greg from WILD, is live online

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By Roger Carpenter

I waited outside on a chilly November evening to attend a PCTA-sponsored event featuring Cheryl Strayed, the author of “Wild.” Cheryl walked up to the entrance of Keen’s Portland office and store, where she would soon talk to an eager audience, and I said: “Hello, Cheryl!” After a warm hug that Cheryl eagerly gives to so many people, she asked, “Roger, have you come out as Greg yet?”  It was an appropriate and timely question. In “Wild,” I am Greg.

On June 24, 1995, I was on day 45 and mile 634 of a potential PCT thru-hike that began in Campo, Calif., and which I hoped would end at the northern terminus in Canada. I was getting stronger and gaining confidence every day as I eagerly but carefully assessed the snowy Sierra Nevada on the northern horizon. Early in the morning I eagerly descended 1,660 feet to Joshua Tree Spring to get water, not knowing if the next source, Spanish Needle Creek, was flowing. After hiking seven miles, a loud “hello!” from a woman in her campsite beside Spanish Needle Creek broke the quiet songs of the high desert. Her name was Cheryl Strayed.

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