Volunteers + Buff headwear = winning combination!

PCTA has a big job: protect, preserve and promote more than 2,650 miles of trail and the iconic experience it provides hikers and horseback riders from all over the world. We couldn’t do it without our wonderful volunteers and partners, so we take every available opportunity to highlight the partners who make our mission possible.


Today, we’re proud to acknowledge the generosity of one of our leading, long-term corporate partners: Buff USA. In addition to Buff’s overall generosity, our partnership is distinguished by their particular excitement about supporting our trail volunteers.

The fact that a Buff is an ideal trail work accessory brings a special symmetry to our work together. These soft, multifunctional accessories protect the back of one’s neck while digging, line the inside of hard hats and keep dust out of your nose while digging trail or “popping rocks.”


This year, Buff went the extra mile in support of our NorCal Trail Crew by outfitting their hard working volunteers with their very own PCT Buffs.


Based out of Redding, California, PCTA’s NorCal Trail Crew maintains the PCT near the so-called “Big Bend” in the trail. Their recent volunteer project was near Deadfall Lakes, a gorgeous collection of pristine alpine lakes in the shadow of Mount Shasta. According to Janette Storer, leader of the NorCal Trail Crew, the team of volunteers maintained approximately three miles of trail. They improved the tread surface and installed drainage structures crucial to preventing future erosion.


Not only has Buff’s generosity helped PCTA accomplish its mission on a broader scale, our NorCal Trail Crew volunteers especially enjoyed using Buffs while doing trail work. Brian Trotter, one of the volunteers, shared some impressions: “Last weekend I was fortunate to participate in a PCT trail maintenance crew outing. I learned about topics ranging from PCT history, trail maintenance and outdoor gear. One gear item stood out: the Buff. During our pre-safety meeting, Janette offered a Buff to all newcomers. My Buff is now a permanent addition to my backpacking kit. This functional item has multiple uses, including a head wrap to keep perspiration from running down into your eyes and providing cooling relief in the heat.”

Thanks to Buff, and to all our other wonderful corporate partners for your support of our mission and for our hard working volunteers.


Author: Seth Levy

As the Corporate Partnership Consultant, Seth helps companies support the mission of the PCTA. Whether it's a family business or an international corporation, Seth is constantly amazed at the generosity of all of PCTA's Corporate Partners. For fun, Seth cycles, serves on the Boards of several regional non-profit conservation organizations and writes a regular column on craft beer.