Ian Nelson discusses the Big Bend with KHUM

Ian Nelson is the PCTA Regional Representative for the Big Bend area.

Ian Nelson is the PCTA Regional Representative for the Big Bend area.

Humboldt County California is an eclectic, rural region with passionate residents who promote principles to enhance our community. Cliff Berkowitz, DJ and owner of KHUM: Radio Without the Rules, has a vision for a regional trail network for the health and well being of the residents of Humboldt. He began the Happy Trails radio program over 10 years ago after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike to work. The radio show, focusing on regional trails, is now a weekly part of life in Humboldt County.

This week’s guest was Ian Nelson of the Pacific Trail Association. Ian and co-host Michael Kauffmann have spent many years together on trail, including on parts of the CDT in Colorado and New Mexico in 2002 and, more recently, on the first thru-hike of the Bigfoot Trail in northern California and southern Oregon. In this podcast, Ian shares his experiences over the last 12 years as a regional representative for PCTA, some history of the trail, and ways that folks can get involved and volunteer to maintain this hiking experience for years to come.

Listen to the interview here.

Michael Kauffmann is an avid long-distance hiker, educator, ecologist and author based out of Humboldt County, California. His three books, exploring our relationship with the natural world, include Conifer Country, Conifers of the Pacific Slope, and Field Guide to Manzanitas. He is also a founding member of the Bigfoot Trail Alliance, a 501c3 which supports the establishment of the 360 mile route through the Klamath Mountains to celebrate the region’s biodiversity.