New PCT book celebrates the trails history and grandeur

On Oct. 11, The Pacific Crest Trail Association and Rizzoli New York will release The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail. This book offers PCT fans the first in-depth history of the trail accompanied by more than 250 photographs that bring the trail experience to life in large, living color.

Buy our PCT book today. You'll love it. The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail is truly special. Published by Rizzoli. Written by Mark Larabee, Barney Scout Mann, with a forward from Cheryl Strayed.

Buy our PCT book today. You’ll love it. The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail is truly special.

Written by PCTA Managing Editor Mark Larabee and Board Member Barney Scout Mann, this rich story tells how this 2,650-mile trail from Mexico to Canada came to be, mostly because of the dedication of many volunteers and government land managers, political will and just plain luck.

Cheryl Strayed, author of the best selling Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, wrote the forward, introducing a gripping saga of how the trail came about—from a New York boxing ring where a future Chief of the Forest Service decks a future U.S. President to trail visionary Warren Rogers who has to choose between keeping the family home or lobbying for the PCT.

The Pacific Crest Trail is the third in the bestselling trail series by Rizzoli. It follows the 2013 National Outdoor Book Award winner, The Appalachian Trail, and New York Times bestseller America’s Great Hiking Trails.

Learn more and find out where to buy your own copy here.

Author: Mark Larabee

Mark Larabee is the PCTA's Advocacy Director. He is the former editor of the "PCT Communicator" magazine and co-author of "The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America's Wilderness Trail" published in 2016. Larabee is a journalist, part of a team who won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for The Oregonian newspaper. He hiked the PCT across Oregon for a 2005 series for the paper and has been with PCTA since 2010. He lives in Portland.