Save Landers Meadow with a gift to our Land Protection Fund

The Pacific Crest Trail, widely known as America’s wilderness trail, is a gateway to transformative experiences for hikers, horseback riders and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Pacific Crest Trail Association’s goal is to ensure that the entire trail is permanently protected.

Through our Land Protection Program, we have identified hundreds of properties in California, Oregon and Washington that, if developed, would irreparably damage the trail experience. The trail you walked last summer might not be the same for your children or grandchildren in future summers.

Help save Landers Meadow, a special place along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Help save Landers Meadow, a special place along the Pacific Crest Trail.

One such place is Landers Meadow, a 245-acre property located in the southern Sierra of California, just 44 miles south of Walker Pass. Originally used as a cattle ranch, it’s a lovely wet meadow, home to an abundance of plants and wildlife, including 78 bird species. It’s the perfect spot to stop along the trail and have a picnic or take a nap after a long hike or horseback ride.

Today, we have the opportunity to purchase Landers Meadow through private donations until it can be passed into public ownership. If not acquired and protected by the PCTA, this land likely will be sold for recreational home sites or other development. By giving to the Land Protection Fund, you can help save Landers Meadow.

PCTA often works with the federal government and private groups to purchase land. However, the government process is sometimes slow and many landowners can’t wait. Our work to protect wild and scenic landscapes is a race against time. In the case of Landers Meadow, the PCTA must raise $550,000 by Aug. 1 to save this beautiful place from development and protect the PCT experience.


The 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act is only a couple years away. When you help us celebrate that milestone in 2018, the PCT will still be incomplete. But you can help get us closer to preserving the last private miles, the surrounding acres and the views that make the PCT experience so unique.

When you donate to our Land Protection Fund, you will help save Landers Meadow from development. You’ll also have an opportunity to have your gift matched by two generous donors, up to the first $200,000 received. But don’t delay; the time to act is now as we have only until Aug. 1 to raise the necessary funds.

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Author: Shari Hansen

As Associate Director of Philanthropy, Shari connects people to the PCTA through membership. She loves to play outside, hike the PCT and she has an insatiable love of travel.