You saved Landers Meadow

With only six months to save Landers Meadow, you rose to the challenge and met our goal of $550,000 to save this 245-acre rare wet meadow. Thank you so much for your support of the campaign, the PCT and the trail experience.

PCTA executive director and ceo Liz Bergeron recently visited Landers Meadow and filmed this special message from the trail.

We also wish to thank our leadership donors for their matching gifts of $250,000, which inspired and motivated so much support.

On August 19th, PCTA finalized the purchase of Landers Meadow. PCTA will own and manage the land until Landers Meadow can be transferred to the Sequoia National Forest. Once that sale is finalized, proceeds from the sale will be returned to the Land Protection Fund for future purchases along the trail.

Thank you again for your generosity.

Have a moment? Watch Liz walk north on the PCT to Landers Meadow and experience what it’s like.

Author: Shari Hansen

As Associate Director of Philanthropy, Shari connects people to the PCTA through membership. She loves to play outside, hike the PCT and she has an insatiable love of travel.