Thru-hiker advocates wanted to promote stewardship of the PCT

P3: Protect, Preserve, and Promote

Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness – photo by Andy Porter

NOTE: Applications for this year’s P3 Program are now closed. Interest in the program was high, and we’ve selected ten hikers for this year’s program who we’ll introduce shortly—stay tuned to our Facebook page and main Blog page!

Do you love the Pacific Crest Trail enough to advocate for the trail as you thru-hike? Are you passionate about conservation, Leave No Trace ethics and preserving the wild nature of the trail? Do you want some great gear? Then we want you for our new initiative P3: Protect, Preserve and Promote.

It’s no secret the PCT has experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years. Increased use of the trail puts more pressure on its landscapes and ecosystems, from campsites to water sources. So we created P3 as a way to spread the word about this—and promote responsible use of the trail.

We believe your voice as a thru-hiker can influence others, and we’re hoping you can help inspire everyone to protect the PCT.

The Pacific Crest Trail Association and our partners Eagle Creek, Leki and Osprey are recruiting a select group of P3 Hikers to help us raise awareness of issues affecting the PCT, such as hiker impacts on the trail, relationships with trail towns and land protection. It’s a great opportunity to get your writing, photographs and videos in front of a large audience—and help the PCT at the same time.

It’s also an opportunity to hike with top-quality gear from our partners, who share our commitment to trail stewardship and Leave No Trace and support us with their contributions. P3 Hikers will receive a pack from Osprey, trekking poles from LEKI, and Specter Tech packing cubes and organizers from Eagle Creek—and have the chance to share your experiences with the PCTA and our partners.

We know how challenging a thru-hike can be, so we don’t have unreasonable expectations. Our goal is to publish your thoughts and experiences on conservation-related issues around the trail—the good, the bad, and the questionable—and share them with a wider audience. 

In addition to tagging us in posts to your own social media channels during your thru-hike, we’d like you to send some captioned photos and videos to the PCTA, Osprey, Leki, and Eagle Creek. We’d also like you to write a couple posts for our blog (which could be done after your hike).


Author: Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson is the PCTA’s Content Development Director. A former professional musician, Scott has 20+ years of experience in almost every marketing role. Before joining the PCTA he was a marketing/creative director at West Virginia University and the University of Oregon. A serious outdoor addict, Scott is an experienced whitewater paddler, hang glider pilot, flyfisher, mountain biker, and (of course) hiker and backpacker.