Welcome our 2019 PCT Southern Terminus hosts

The volunteer Southern Terminus hosts are back again this year!

The U.S. Forest Service and the Pacific Crest Trail Association started the program in 2017 with the goal of expanding the outreach of Leave No Trace ethics through an increased on-the-ground and in-person presence, promoting safe hiking practices and reducing recreation caused natural resource damage along the trail.

The hosts are there as a vital resource for hikers to ask last-minute questions regarding trail logistics and to get quick reminders about sustainable hiking practices that will keep the PCT a wild place for all to enjoy. Be sure to stop and chat with them at the terminus before setting off on your cross-country adventure. They have lots of important information and valuable trail stories to share.

Please welcome this year’s hosts, Patti “Glow in the Dark” McCarthy and Lynn “3-Guy” Shapiro.

PCT Southern Terminus hosts

Lynn “3-Guy” Shapiro and Patti “Glow in the Dark” McCarthy.

Patti and Lynn started hiking the PCT on Mother’s Day 2012. Patti convinced her reluctant husband that they could start doing the trail despite no real major hiking experience. They agreed to take it one step at a time. Now, nearly 8 years later, they have completed roughly 2,100 miles and have plans on finishing the trail this summer.

It has not all been easy. Patti was diagnosed in Fall 2012 with aggressive breast cancer. The couple firmly believes that the trail provided the passion Patti needed and played a major role in her recovery. Now, these many years later, both Patti and Lynn look forward to giving back to the trail by being this year’s Southern Terminus hosts.

Both are Iowa natives and earned degrees from the University of Iowa (Patti in Nursing, Lynn in English & Literature). They have three adult children. They recently retired and travel the country in a van, going trailhead to trailhead, living out their true passion for hiking.

Author: Justin Kooyman

Justin Kooyman is PCTA’s Associate Director of Trail Operations. He works on trail protection and management projects out of our Northern Sierra regional office in Portola, CA. When not working, Justin can be found exploring the Northern Sierra, especially looking for uncommon birds in Plumas County.