Congrats to the 2020 PCTA Photo Contest winners

First Place Winner — Descent into the storm by Joshua Seligsohnn.

Announcing the winners of our annual photo contest is one of the highlights of my work for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Each spring, those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest usually are beginning to think about hitting the trail. The amazing photos from our contest entice me to shake the dust off my gear.

But this year is different. It’s likely that you are hunkered down, dreaming of trips on the PCT while dealing with concerns and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is that, for many of us, trips on the PCT may not happen this year.

We can still dream. And our PCT community has provided us with lots to look at for this year’s photo contest. You’ve broken all our records, submitting nearly 3,000 photos to the contest! Our volunteer judges were so overwhelmed by your talents that they felt as though there were many winners who could not be named.

Second Place Winner — Finally by Danny Miller.

Many thanks for your submissions one and all. Whether you were picked as a winner or not, your photos will be put to good use. The PCT is an amazing place. And your photos help us protect it, inspire support for the work we do together and get people excited about getting out there, even if they may have to sit it out this year. Congratulations to you all.

So, as you ponder your next steps, take a little time to watch a slide show of our 2020 contest winners. We’ll use these photos in our magazine, calendar and promotional materials throughout the year.

Third Place Winner —Crater Lake Winter by James Parsons.

A special thanks to our judging panel led by Lee Terkelsen: Dave Thurber, Roger Gong, Peter Amend, Maddy Serpa, David Velasquez andLinda Wozniczka. You all are amazing volunteers. We would not have a photo contest without you.

And of course, our top three winners will get great prizes from our contest sponsor, LEKI.

  • First Place – $500 worth of LEKI gear
  • Second Place – $300 worth of LEKI gear
  • Third Place – $200 worth of LEKI gear

Many thanks to our friends at LEKI for their overwhelming support for the trail and our association. The people at LEKI are dedicated to making our outdoor adventures the best they can be, and we appreciate the partnership.

Here’s the list:

Overall Winners

1st– Descent Into Storm by Joshua Seligsohnn

2nd– Finally by Danny Miller

3rd– Crater Lake Winter by James Parsons

Trail Majesty 


Glacier Peak South Boundary by Tyler Farr.

1st– Glacier Peak South Boundary by Tyler Farr

2nd– Three Sisters Storm by Justin McCormick

3rd– Base Camp – Mather Pass by Tim Curtis

Honorable mention – Desert Snow by John Morris

Honorable mention – Walking Beneath the Stars by Csaba Winter

Honorable mention – Mount Jefferson in October by Nick Johnson

Human Spirit


Silver Pass by Zachary Krahmer.

1st– Silver Pass by Zachary Krahmer

2nd– Spot the Hiker? by Adam Carter

3rd– Campin’ Before Forester Pass by Karthikeya Nadendla

Honorable mention – Descending Mather Pass by Marcel Anke

Honorable mention – Sunrise on the Roof of America by Ury Podoler

Honorable mention – Trail Life by Nai Yun Sui


Tiny Frog Giant Leaf by Eddie O’Leary.

1st– Tiny Frog, Giant Leaf by Eddie O’Leary

2nd– Battle Rattle by Ury Podoler

3rd– San Jacinto and Flowers by Jason Bosinoff

Honorable mention – Dangerous or Not Dangerous? by Armand Patoir

Honorable mention – What the…?!?!? By Debbie Shiffer

Honorable mention – Chipmunk Yoga by Judith Mueller



Sierra Cowboy by Alison Young.

1st– Sierra Cowboy by Alison Young

2nd– Watering the Stock by Buck Barkley

3rd– Stock in Sandy Meadow by William Cowan

Honorable mention – Helping Hooves by Marah Beach

Honorable mention – Pass to Pass for Parkinsons by Chris Strickland

Honorable mention – Catch A Ride by James Hancock



Volunteers working Tread by Mick McBride.

1st– Volunteers Working Tread by Mick McBride

2nd– Like a Hiker to a Vista by Bri Leahy

3rd– Bridgework by Nathan Zaremsky

Honorable mention – Eagle Creek Rockslide by Bob Cather

Honorable mention – Early Morning Workout by Mark de Hoo

Honorable mention – Building Check Dam in Goat Rocks by Michelle Nacouzi

Author: Mark Larabee

Mark Larabee is the PCTA's Advocacy Director. He is the former editor of the "PCT Communicator" magazine and co-author of "The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America's Wilderness Trail" published in 2016. Larabee is a journalist, part of a team who won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for The Oregonian newspaper. He hiked the PCT across Oregon for a 2005 series for the paper and has been with PCTA since 2010. He lives in Portland.