I Took a Walk: A poem by David Rolsten

Endless views of the Sierra Nevada near Chief Lake, California. Photo by Amanda Castro.

Listen to an audio version of the poem here.

I took a walk

By David Rolsten

I took a walk.

It went on forever and was over too soon
Recharging batteries I never knew I had
I’m so alive and sleep like a dead man
Deserts in bloom, fields of gold,
An infinity of stars, the scars of firestorms.
I fly through mountains and ford rivers,
The ridge crests are endless.
Water carving and caressing the landscapes,
I trudge the definition of majesty and grandeur.
Bring it! Brothers and sisters on quests of their own.
I’m proud of my country and all its gracious people
Strangers opening their hearts and arms to strangers.
The way it’s supposed to be.
Roller coasters of emotion sweep me daily.
Exhaustion, euphoria, loneliness, achievement, desolation
The feelings are overwhelming and I turn to cry
Can it be just me?
A hard body, incredibly fragile.
My cup is full, so amazingly blessed
I made the time.

I took a walk

Thank you David for sending us this beautiful poem.

Author: Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson is the PCTA’s Content Development Director. A former professional musician, Scott has 20+ years of experience in almost every marketing role. Before joining the PCTA he was a marketing/creative director at West Virginia University and the University of Oregon. A serious outdoor addict, Scott is an experienced whitewater paddler, hang glider pilot, flyfisher, mountain biker, and (of course) hiker and backpacker.