Watch the “Five-Needle Pines Along the Pacific Crest Trail” kickoff webinar

To launch the project, invite you to participate, and educate you, we hosted a webinar on April 6, 2023. Watch it and then get involved!

Learn more in this presentation about the magnificent five-needle pines, why they are in trouble and how you can help monitor their health with use of the iNaturalist app. The project is a collaboration among the California Native Plant Society, Pacific Crest Trail Association and Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation. For more information and to join the project, visit the project on iNaturalist and check out the project page on our website.

Author: Jack "Found" Haskel

As the Trail Information Manager, Jack works to connect people to the PCT. He's involved with a wide variety of projects that help the trail, the trail's users and the community that surrounds the experience. He has thru-hiked (Pacific Crest Trail in 2006; Colorado Trail in 2008; Continental Divide Trail in 2010) and is an obsessed weekend warrior.