Walkin’ Jim Stoltz


Walkin’ Jim Stoltz in Stone Donkey Canyon


Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, musician, hiker, poet, photographer, environmental activist and long-time supporter of the Pacific Crest Trail Association, died Sept. 3, 2010, in Helena, Mont. after a long battle with cancer resulting from medications related to a 2004 kidney transplant. He was 57.

He completed more than 28,000 miles of long-distance treks, including the Pacific Crest (1996), Appalachian (1974) and Continental Divide trails as well as an east to west cross-continent hike (1976).  Every summer he was out in the backcountry for an extended hike.

Jim performed original shows of his travels with photography and music, always incorporating his keen sense of environmental awareness and justice for all things wild. His musical, hiking, and environmental career spanned 45 years.

Jim began playing the guitar when he was in the 4th grade.  He performed in several bands during the 1970s and he produced albums and a music video for children. He often performed at schools.

Jim founded Music United to Sustain the Environment (www.musemusic.org) with Craig Wagner, and Joyce Rouse, a group of professional touring musicians concerned about the health of the planet.

Jim helped with the planning and design of several trails in the Southwest.  A short segment of U.S. Forest Service trail in northern Arizona was recently created and named the Walkin’ Jim Trail.

Jim’s life centered on his desire to share the beauty, the unique character, the mood and the value of wilderness. He leaves a special and enduring legacy.

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