Celebrating 50 years of the PCT
as a National Scenic Trail.


Work passionately on behalf of the finest hiking and equestrian trail. Our workplace matches the quality of trail that we steward. Join us.

Trail Information Assistant

In this position, you will have the opportunity to educate people about hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding on the Pacific Crest Trail and track and fulfill permit requests. You will be spending your time on a computer, emailing with and talking to, and helping, a worldwide community of passionate Pacific Crest Trail users.

The Trail Information Assistant is a part-time staff position working in the Sacramento office. The time commitment required is 25 hours a week beginning in mid-September, 2018.

Important documents

  1. PCTA Trail Information Assistant 2018 Job Announcement
  2. PCTA Trail Information Assistant 2018 Job Description

Pacific Crest Trail Association is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

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