Regional Offices

Managing a 2650-mile trail is an immense task. PCTA’s “boots on the ground” for executing our mission are our Regional Representatives. Each office takes the lead on approximately five hundred miles of trail. They work closely with local networks of seasonal staff, volunteers and partners to oversee the maintenance, management, and protection of their region. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is! They attend countless meetings, respond to trail protection issues and coordinate projects on their section of trail. PCTA’s Regional Representatives are extremely knowledgeable about the PCT.

The next time you cross paths, please stop and say hello! If you would like to meet at one of the offices, please call to set up a rendezvous. Please read the “Our work” section of our website for a more complete picture of what our ‘Regional Reps’ do on a day to day basis.

PCT Region Boundaries

North Cascades Region

Geographic Boundaries Potato Hill (Road 5603), Southern Washington to Manning Park, Canada
Regional Representative Michael DeCramer
Office and Mailing Address 902 SE North Bend Way
North Bend, Washington 98045
Contact Phone: (425) 888-8798
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA North 350 Blades
  • PCTA White Pass Chapter

Columbia Cascades Region

Geographic Boundaries Windigo Pass, Oregon to Potato Hill (Road 5603), Southern Washington
Regional Representative Jeanine Russell
Mailing Address PO Box 1237
Stevenson, WA 98648
Contact Phone: 970-317-4000
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA Mid-Oregon Volunteers
  • PCTA Mt Hood Chapter

Southern Oregon/Northern California Region

Geographic Boundaries Northern boundary of Lassen National Forest to Windigo Pass (Northern California to Southern Oregon)
Regional Representative Ian Nelson
Mailing Address P.O. Box 458
Medford, OR 97501
Contact Phone: (541) 778-3252
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA Lyons’ Pride
  • PCTA NorCal Trail Crew
  • PCTA Southern Oregon Rockers

Northern Sierra Region

Geographic Boundaries Northern boundary of Yosemite National Park through Lassen National Forest (Central to Northern California)
Regional Representative Connor Swift
Mailing Address P.O. Box 1092
Portola, CA 96122
Contact Phone: (530) 570-8276
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA Carsonora Crew
  • PCTA Pounder’s Promise
  • PCTA Will Work for Krumms Crew

Southern Sierra Region

Geographic Boundaries Northern boundary of the Angeles National Forest through Yosemite National Park (High Sierra to Central California)
Regional Representative Benjamin Barry
Mailing Address 11380 Kernville Road
Kernville, CA  93238
Contact Phone: (916) 847-4393
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA Can Do Crew

Southern California Region

Geographic Boundaries Mexico to Northern boundary of the Angeles National Forest
Regional Representative Anitra Kass
Office No physical office at this time
Contact Phone: (951) 257-4100
Email: [email protected]
Regional Groups
  • PCTA Trail Gorillas
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