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About Megan Wargo

Megan Wargo is PCTA’s Director of Land Protection. She oversees a program dedicated to protecting the landscape and trail miles that are still held by private landowners. Megan brings more than a dozen years of experience leading teams and managing landscape-scale conservation projects.

The PCTA protects Donomore Meadows

The Donomore Meadows property as you see it from the Pacific Crest Trail.

Life is marked by many milestones — ­­­­­­­­­­­­­first steps, first words,­­­­ graduations and promotions. Any PCT thru-hiker will tell you that a long-distance hike also can be measured in milestones. For northbound hikers, a major milestone is crossing the state line into Oregon after completing 1,689 miles in California.

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