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The mission of the Pacific Crest Trail Association is to protect, preserve and promote the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail as a world-class experience for hikers and equestrians, and for all the values provided by wild and scenic lands.

Right Plant, Right Place: Amy Stork Consulting


PCTA Business Member Amy Stork grew up in a cabin her parents built in the woods of northern Vermont.  She recalls walking in the cold when the snowy winters made it difficult to drive up to the cabin. Yet, she still cherishes and has fond memories of her childhood ... Read more

Introducing PCTA’s 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

We’re excited to announce our new 2024-2026 Strategic Plan (PDF view/download link). The plan was written and developed by our communities and partners, and has been the most involved listening process we have ever undertaken. The new plan also includes updated mission and vision statements for the PCTA. So ... Read more

Returning to the Sierra: local permits and being prepared

What a year it’s been! Last winter’s record snowpack lingers in the highest reaches of the Sierra Nevada.

Get the right local permits.

Many northbound thru-hikers made the choice to skip and bypass the Sierra due to the record snow year. Are you looking to come back to hike the ... Read more