Get published by PCTA

You’ve got a fantastic story, beautiful photos, a video, song or piece of art. We’ve got a huge audience of passionate Pacific Crest Trail lovers. Let’s connect the two.

We’re looking for meaningful stories that enlighten us, remind us of why this trail is valuable and what it brings to the world. The best of the best get published. Give back to trail by sharing your experience and insight through PCTA.

Here’s what we’re looking for

  • Words – New insights, emotional perspectives, untold stories.
  • Videos Files that we can upload to our Facebook or Youtube channels. Exceptional wildlife moments. Fantastic stories. Well edited and shot.
  • Photography – Stunning pictures that we can use online and in print to help protect and promote the trail. Good composition, lighting, focus is a given. How does your photography capture the essence of the PCT?
  • Music – Sing a song, fiddle a tune. Share a file with us and let’s share it with the world.
  • Paintings, quilts, cakes, and more – This community’s creativity knows no limits. We’re constantly amazed by what you come up with. Have something? Let’s see it!

How to get published

Email Chris Rylee ([email protected]) with your project or idea. If you have photography donations, upload them here. We can’t publish all ideas that come our way, so ask before you spend a lot of time working on something.

Remember, we run an annual photo contest. If you’d like to be entered in the contest, you should submit directly through that system as well.

If you have a large collection of photos you’d like to donate, email Chris Rylee at the email address above for more on how best to get them to us.

PCT hiker hitchhiking

Donating your art is an act of trail magic. The PCT relies on your donations. Be the voice of the trail. Thank you! Photo by Chris Pickering

And wait, there’s more

Right now, we’re especially in need of some photos of:

  1. People hiking across southern California.
  2. Hikers and trail town business employees interacting.
  3. The rainbow of the trail: photos showing the increasingly diverse and inclusive PCT community.
  4. Faces of people!
  5. Horseback riders.
  6. Official PCT trail signs.
  7. Leave no trace issues.
  8. Day hikers.
  9. Kids and families on the PCT.
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