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Mt. Jefferson (photo by Ed Lorah)In a post last week, we talked…

Mt. Jefferson (photo by Ed Lorah) In a post last week, we talked about Diamond Peak … one of the jewels in the string of volcanoes in the Oregon Cascades.  Another peak, even more dramatic, is Mt. Jefferson (10,497′). This stratovolcano (Diamond Peak was a shield volcano) is the second highest mountain in Oregon.  Due […]

Aug 13: Vancouver, BC to Birch Bay State Park (55.23 miles)

I caught the 7:45 train from Seattle to Vancouver arriving just past noon. I lugged my bike and huge duffel bag outside for repacking. (An observant reader may point out the above photo was taken in the US). I unpacked my duffel bag into four pannier bags and hung them on my bike. Let the […]