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Pre-Trip Blues

Plane ticket? Check. Website and fundraiser page? Check. Gear? Check.  So why is this feeling of anxiety pooling inside of me?  I’ve reserved 2020 for hiking despite the protests of my parents as well as my own reservations. Tackling the Great Western Loop rather than my growing job gap will come at the expense of my career and life […]

Mt. Thielsen, Big Cowhorn, or ‘lightning rod of the Cascades’

As we continue our  review of Oregon peaks along the PCT, Mount Thielsen (9,183′) or Big Cowhorn is an extinct shield volcano north of Crater Lake and south of Diamond Peak and Cowhorn Mountain. Because eruptive activity ceased 250,000 years ago, glaciers have heavily eroded the volcano’s structure, creating precipitous slopes and the distinctive horn-like […]

Things I’ve Learned While Preparing to Prepare for the PCT

Preparedness Paralysis I have navigated millions of miles of fiber-optic cables whilst exploring the interwebs and all the wonders they have to offer. Gear. Gadgets. Maps. The Trek. Technological marvels. Permitting systems. Good advice. Dire predictions. Trolls who will argue with you about literally anything. REI sales. I finally hit the wall. My brain reached […]

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Flame UL Women’s 15-Degree Sleeping Bag

Note: this article originally appeared on The Trek, which you can read here. The Sea to Summit / Flame UL Women’s (15°) is a warm, ultralight mummy bag. There are no unnecessary features like mat attachments or extra zippers. Instead, it is made of high-quality down and lightweight, water-resistant fabric meant to keep you warm, […]