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PCT Day 75: If a tree falls in the woods

August 17, 2016Mile 1298.6-1328.830.2 Miles    In the middle of the night a great crash and thump drags me violently out of sleep.      “What was that?” I cry.  It came from uphill a short ways, maybe a couple hundred feet at most.    “I don’t know.  That was loud.” says Altitude.  I can tell he’s frightened […]

PCT Day 74: Escaping the Belden Vortex

August 16, 2016Mile 1284.3-1298.614.3 Miles    It was a noisy night.  Freight trains sliced the night into ribbons.  Loud-mouthed drunkards trampled on the shreds that remained  No matter: by 6am, sleepy as I still am, it’s clear that I won’t do any more sleeping today.  I climb out of my tent and I’m disappointed to find […]

What Recreation Passes Do I Need in the PNW?

Recreation Passes and Backcountry Permits could easily be considered the 11th Essential here in the PNW because most trailheads require one. Not having a recreation pass is just as bad as putting the wrong pass out. I’m constantly questioning myself at the trailhead, trying to figure out which pass to use. For those of you […]

Thru-Hikers: Are We Selfish?

Wool Underwear. Check. Hiking Poles. Check. Ultralight Tent. Check. PCTA Permit Approval. Check. Approval of all friends and family…unchecked?  A Thru-Hiker Journey. I’ve written blogs about my plus-size body, my seriously novice backpacking abilities, and my mental health journey. Writing about how these aspects of my life have each brought me to my decision to thru-hike […]