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PCT: Where to go? Straight ahead? Bounce north and hike south? Bounce a bit north and hike north?

Leaving KM and finding cell service allowed us to start looking at data instead of listening to rumors. The map above and below ( allow us to view the snow water equivalent (SWE) in relation to the trail mile. This indicates that we’re about to head into snow shortly after mile 702, Kennedy Meadows. How […]

Days 74-75 – dumbbell lake to diamond peak alternate

June 22-23 | SOBO Miles 705.9-761ish We rewarded ourselves for our first 30 with a little sleep-in time followed by an extended breakfast by the lake (Froot Loops with water for me because I’d forgotten to buy milk this go around). Soon enough, though, some pesky mosquitoes evicted me from my nice lakeview sitting log […]