The Journalist

7/27/17 – Mile 1845.3, Diamond Lake Lodge, OR

A little late on this post due to weak cell signal or functional wifi anywhere this week. Also, sorry, photo captions are not working in iOS WordPress app at the moment. Or I can’t figure them out. Feel free to imagine some captions… 7/19/17 – Finished up with our resupply tasks today, then ventured down […]

Day 82: Breakfast Disaster Turned Lunch Surprise 

July 8, 2017 Total daily miles: 22.6 miles Total PCT miles: 1162.9 Start: mile 1547.1 End: mile 1569.8 Total elevation gain/loss: 3470.1/2934.7 ft Today did not start well. We awoke to a swarm of mosquitoes outside our tent. In my rush to get moving (and away from the blood suckers), I accidentally dumped my Welches […]

Day 83: It’s [Not] All Downhill From Here

July 9, 2017 Total daily miles: 21.7 miles Total PCT miles: 1184.6 Start: mile 1569.8 End: Paynes Lake (mile 1591.5) Total elevation gain/loss: 4083.3/4840.2 ft We were swarmed by mosquitoes as we got out of our tent this morning. It was intense! Nothing gets us moving faster in the morning than the threat of being […]

Phoebe and Harrriet Robertson and Meg Wettenhall are walking the…

Phoebe and Harrriet Robertson and Meg Wettenhall are walking the PCT in 2017 and missing an Australian winter.  Harriet is a trained landscape architect, Phoebe works as a nurse, and Meg recently completed a degree in Psychology but have temporarily forsaken it all to walk the PCT.  You can follow their journey on their blog:  […]

7/31/17 – Sister’s Wilderness, hiking at its finest

Day 99 Miles: 1,956.32 to 1,980.08 + 0.53 to Lava Campground Total miles hiked: 1,383.73 Our task for today was to walk through Sisters Wilderness. Volcanos everywhere. Lupine covered meadows. Hundreds of butterflies. Easy, rolling terrain. No mosquitoes. Tough life, I’ll tell you.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Lava rock at the bottom […]