The Journalist

Day 137 – 10 mi – PCT mile 2552

Start: tentsite at 2551 End: Holden Village Miles covered: 1 mile on the PCT, then 9 miles on the Bannock Lakes fire detour. PCT mile marker: 2552/2652 Biggest challenge: Early morning sub-freezing temperatures, including accumulated snow over Cloudy Pass. Highlight: Not long after Cloudy Pass, the weather eased up and the colors returned. Yes, all […]

Day 138 – 20 mi – PCT mile 2571

Start: Holden Village End: Stehekin Miles covered: 18 miles on the Bannock Lakes fire detour and 2 miles on the road into Stehekin. (The 27-mile detour replaced 19 miles of the PCT.) PCT mile marker: 2571/2652 Highlight: Beautiful colors around Hilgard Pass. And marmots. And old trucks. Biggest challenge: A 3400-foot climb out of Holden […]