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A fresh coating of snow changes the appearance of the…

A fresh coating of snow changes the appearance of the mountains.  Beautiful, yes … but generally not what you want to see as you press toward the border through the North Cascades.  This was what Florian encountered near the end of September as he approached Canada.  Of course, there have been far worse conclusions some […]

Hiking The ‘GR11’ in the Spanish Pyrenees, Day 10

Defining Degrees Of Difficulty… With regards to the level of ‘difficulty’ of a trail – ‘difficult’ can take many forms and be the difference between an experience of a lifetime or a disaster for different levels of hikers. Having completed several thru-hikes over the last five years or so, each with their own degrees of difficulty, […]

Te Araroa: Boyle Village to Arthur’s Pass.

I guess we’ve been a bit spoiled recently… This section was one that our little group found pretty difficult. Both the Richmond Ranges and Nelson Lakes were physically very challenging but utterly stunning and the paths were in good condition – the kind of walking we love. But this section was characterised by flat walking […]

I Stopped Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail Because of Toxic Masculinity and I Finally Wrote An Essay About It

I’ve left this blog dormant for so many months and I have so many things I’d like to write and publish here, eventually, but today I’m updating for a very specific and singular reason, and that is to talk about toxic masculinity in the long distance hiking community! When I got off the trail last […]