The Journalist

PCT: Day 172: End of the line

Miles today: 14.6Trail miles sum: 1970.8Trail location: 2653.1Elevation: 4247Spinning on the turntable: Yann Tiersen: EUSA Winter is arriving Looking at the weather forecast this morning and seeing snow isn’t so surprising. It’s been cold and damp the past few days and felt like snow. Looks like I’ll miss it by roughly twenty four hours. The […]

Faithfully Following the Trail

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is an act of faith.  For a northbound (NOBO) hiker sometimes the PCT takes you south, east, west, any direction it seems except North. I need to simply follow whatever direction and wherever it takes me.  Just stay on the correct trail. Yesterday I was hiking east and knew the […]

Section 13 – South Lake Tahoe to Mamoth

This section went through Mokelumne Wilderness and Carson Iceberg Wilderness before droping into Northern Kennedy Meadows for a resupply. After Kennedy Meadows the trail entered Emigrant Wilderness and soon after that into Yosemite National Park. After Tuolumne Meadows we joined the Sierra High Route as we had already hiked the JMT/PCT in 2014 and were […]

PCT Day 63: Mohave Musings

July 28, 2016Mile 608.9-630.821.9 Miles    Darkness and shouting.  An engine humming.  Two—no, three voices shouting in the dark.  Two male, one female.  Unintelligible voices.  Are they drunk?  It’s two-thirty in the morning.    Water attracts life.  I’m not sure what else these three humans are up to out here at two thirty in the morning, but […]