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PCT Day 71: A Tree / Shoe Trouble

August 13, 2016Mile 1203.8-1229.625.8 Miles    Wow, that was one of the best night’s sleeps I’ve ever had.  I am energized, refreshed, ready to cover some miles and see some scenery.  I am stoked!    The morning is bright and quiet.  I’m sure I’m the only person awake today, a suspicion that is partially confirmed when I […]

The Problem of California’s Wildfires

The past few years have seen increasing intensity of wildfires in California.  To anyone who has been paying attention, this has been predicted for decades by climate scientists.  I remember hearing about desertification and forest death when I was still in grade school.  Climate deniers have started blaming poor forest management, and it seems like […]

Section 18 – Wrightwood to Big Bear Lake

This section went through the San Bernardino National Forest and Silverwood Lake State Park. The terrain was rolling with some long water carries. We also encountered front country infrastructure around Cajon Pass. D137 Mon 28 Oct. Wrightwood to Gobblers Knob mile 356.4 11.00 – 17 15 PCT miles 12.9 A jeep pulled up just as […]

PCT Day 72: Moods and Leeches

August 14, 2016Mile 1229.6-1257.427.8 Miles    I notice that my moods are following a pattern: Cheerful and eager in the mornings, peaceful and relaxed in the afternoons, lonely, depressed, and sometimes frightened in the evenings.  I often forget how much of my thinking and emotions are controlled by neurotransmitters.  We like to think of our mind […]

Section 19 – Big Bear Lake to Idyllwild

This section continued through San Bernardino National Forest. It also went through the San Gorgonio Wilderness and the San Jacinto Wilderness areas. The trail also passes to the West of Joshua Tree National Park. More desert terrain and a huge ascent (9000′ over ~22 miles) up Mt San Jacinto, the highest point near the PCT […]

Thru-Hikers: Are We Selfish?

Wool Underwear. Check. Hiking Poles. Check. Ultralight Tent. Check. PCTA Permit Approval. Check. Approval of all friends and family…unchecked?  A Thru-Hiker Journey. I’ve written blogs about my plus-size body, my seriously novice backpacking abilities, and my mental health journey. Writing about how these aspects of my life have each brought me to my decision to thru-hike […]