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Day 8 – 30 Mar 19. Snake, Squirrel and the Superblooom

Today 22.7 km (14.1 mi), Total Distance 146.8 km (91.2 mi). 6 hours 40 minutes (0950-1630) I woke up really early so I read for a while and then started getting ready around 0630. In between getting ready I was talking with people via messenger and email and having some hot drinks and making theContinue […]

The Simple Things in Daily Life Become ‘Day Makers’ on the PCT

by Kathleen Neves I have appreciated Kathleen’s commitment to writing creatively and thoughtfully while on the PCT about her experiences.  We have over the past five months posted her writing periodically.  You can also go directly to her blog: As I hike out here on the PCT, I can’t help but think of how […]

Day 105-106: Zeroing in Etna

Date: August 12 – 13, 2017Miles: 0Health: Well rested but worn down by the trail. Day 105 Wake up late as I have nowhere to go today. As it’s weekend, the Post Office won’t be open until Monday, so I’ll have to wait until the day after tomorrow. During the morning I do a little gear maintenance. Three and […]