The Journalist

July 27: Jeff Creek to Jude Lake (PCT mile 2030.6 to 2049.7)

The night in the burn area was quiet and uneventful. I forgot to mention that there was no expectation of strong winds or a storm. Had there been, I would haves moved on before camping. Today’s objective is to go up and around to the other side of Mt Jefferson. First I had to cross […]

July 28: Jude Lake to Timothy Lake (PCT mile 2049.7 to 2076.4)

Today will be the first of a two day effort to get to Mt Hood. The trail follows and crosses a few ridges and ends at a large lake that I intend to swim in and camp near. The great part about today’s walk are the copious ripe huckleberries I smacked on them most of […]

July 29: Timothy Lake to Timberline Lodge (PCT mile 2076.4 to 2097.4)

Todays objective is to ascend to the base of Mt Hood and camp near Timberline Lodge. But first, I got to visit Little Crater Lake This was not a volcano, like the real Crater Lake- instead it is a spring that eroded into a deep pool o very clear water. Rounding a bend in the […]

July 30: Timberline Lodge to Salvation Spring (PCT mile 2097.4 to 2119.2)

Todays goal is to cross around Mt Hood and descend the other side. The ridges carved in the mountain by eons of snow melts make it look like it has legs. I’ll be crossing those ravines and streams this morning. I documented my thoughts at the first stream crossing this morning Watch the video. It […]

July 31: Salvation Spring to Tea Kettle Spring (PCT mile 2119.2 to 2139.7)

A guy I was hiking with way back near Shelter Cove mentioned a few times that after Timberline Lodge (elevation ~6000 ft), there are 50 miles of downhill to Cascade Locks (elevation ~150 ft). He was dreading all that downhill. The truth is both yesterday, when I left Timberline Lodge, and today, there has been […]

Aug 1: Teakettle Spring to Cascade Locks (PCT mile 2139.7 to 2147.3)

It took a while to get to sleep – I could hear trains and highway traffic noise some 2,000 feet below me. I woke up and headed down the ridge with a list of activities to complete in town: mail home some no-longer-needed equipment (including Microspikes), restock 4 days of food at the market, wash […]