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San Jacinto Trail Report

Fuller Ridge taken recently Jon King maintains a wonderfully useful resource about snow, weather, and water conditions in the San Jacintos he titles San Jacinto Trail Report – This year, given the huge snow pack in the San Jacinto’s, it behooves all thru-hikers to keep in touch with conditions in these mountains.  The slopes […]

We previously posted some of Krista Eager’s reflections on her…

We previously posted some of Krista Eager’s reflections on her 2018 PCT experience.  Here are some more images from the beautiful North Cascades beginning with Fire Creek Pass on the bottom left and on into the Pasayten (remaining two images). Krista grew up in Saskatoon, SK and has lived in a number of communities in […]

The Next Challenge – Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, USA (4,265 km)

My next adventure is confirmed, and I am now 11 days from starting. I am going to attempt to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in USA. When I decided to take a break from working one of the reasons was that I wanted to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. This went on a backburner whileContinue […]

Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home (a slice of Anish’s new book)

There are a number of legendary hikers who have staked a claim to their fame by walking the PCT. Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson joined that PCT pantheon in 2013 when she completed the PCT in an incredible 60 days, 17 hours, and 12 minutes as a self-supported hiker (breaking Scott Williamson’s mark by four days).  I […]

Section Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Has Unique Benefits and Challenges

 Karen “Pickles” deSousa has posted her impressions of the PCT from a section hiker’s perspective. To see more of her writings go to her website   As she outlines to the reader, section hiking comes with advantages and challenges. She continues to section hike the PCT and will likely be found on the trail later […]