The Journalist

That’s a Wrap, Oregon

Sisters, OR to Cascade Locks, OR A good friend asked me, “what do you think about all day while hiking?”  My mind wanders all over the place.  Much of the time Kilo and I are singing the jingles to local Los Angeles TV commercials – “Come to Tito’s Tacos…”. and “Celino and Barnes injury attorneys call 888-8888.”  Or […]

Day 51: Arrival at VVR

July 14, 2016Mile 873.6-878.7 (+4.5)9.6 Miles    Bastille Day.  Brian’s Birthday.  We’ll see him tomorrow.  Today we’re headed into Vermilion Valley Resort, one day earlier than we had planned.  It’s a warm, lethargic morning, and an odor of woodsmoke fills the air.  It’s not sharp like a nearby campfire would be, but it’s consistent, like a […]