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We previously posted some of Krista Eager’s reflections on her…

We previously posted some of Krista Eager’s reflections on her 2018 PCT experience.  Here are some more images from the beautiful North Cascades beginning with Fire Creek Pass on the bottom left and on into the Pasayten (remaining two images). Krista grew up in Saskatoon, SK and has lived in a number of communities in […]

San Jacinto Trail Report

Fuller Ridge taken recently Jon King maintains a wonderfully useful resource about snow, weather, and water conditions in the San Jacintos he titles San Jacinto Trail Report – This year, given the huge snow pack in the San Jacinto’s, it behooves all thru-hikers to keep in touch with conditions in these mountains.  The slopes […]

Will the Magic Fade After Four Months in the Woods?

***This post originally appeared on The Trek. Click HERE to read the original post.I’m not particularly scared of wildlife or the solitude of hiking alone. The thought of running out of food or getting lost don’t send shivers down my spine. I’ve already lived through Giardia, H. pylori, and E. coli (harrowing tales I will […]

A Brief Interview with Anish (in response to her book, Thirst)

On March 7th we printed a short excerpt from Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson’s book about her 2013 fast walk of the PCT (60 days and some change).  See – ( I had an opportunity a week ago to ask her a few questions to which she responded (her responses are in bolded italics). 1.  One of […]