P3 Hiker Thang De Sa

Hike Start Date: April 12

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/pacificcresttrail2018/?hl=en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thang.desa

About Thang

Thang DeSa is an adventure enthusiast. Whether it’s a short hike, an ultra-marathon, an ironman, a mountain bike ride, or exploring new mountains and landscapes, Thang is always on-the-go. He’s even biked across the U.S. Last year Thang moved from Pennsylvania to New Zealand to pursue his biggest passion—climbing—and became a rock climbing instructor. Now that he’s back stateside, he is tackling the PCT to try his hand at thru-hiking. Post-PCT, he wants to learn how to climb big walls in Yosemite, and work in conservation in the outdoor industry.

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