Weather forecasts

Here is a sampling of reliable weather forecasts for the Pacific Crest Trail.

We happily recommend forecasts from the National Weather Service at To get a detailed weather forecast for any point on the Pacific Crest Trail, use the interactive map on a forecast page to change the location to any place that you’d like.  For extra detail, like insight into how confident the forecasters are in the information, click on the “Forecast Discussion” under “Additional Forecasts and Information” on a forecast page.

weather forecast for the pacific crest trail

Be sure to check the weather forecast when you’re heading out on the Pacific Crest Trail. Photo by Chloe Landes-Michelli

California forecasts

Mile 0 — Southern Terminus
Mile 42 — Mount Laguna
Mile 110 — Warner Springs
Mile 179 — Saddle Junction (near Idyllwild)
Mile 210 — Highway 10 (near Cabazon)
Mile 275 — Van Dusen Canyon Road (near Big Bear)
Mile 374 — Vincent Gap (near Wrightwood)
Mile 454 — Agua Dulce
Mile 565 — Tehachapi Pass
Mile 652 — Walker Pass
Mile 704 — Kennedy Meadows South
Mile 767 — Mount Whitney
Mile 839 — Muir Pass
Mile 943 — Tuolumne Meadows
Mile 1017 — Sonora Pass
Mile 1153 — Donner Pass
Mile 1265 — Bucks Summit
Mile 1388 — Hat Creek Rim
Mile 1507 — Castle Crags
Mile 1597 — Etna Summit
Mile 1656 — Seiad Valley

Oregon forecasts

Mile 1716 — Callahan’s Lodge (near Ashland)
Mile 1836 — Crater Lake
Mile 1905 — Willamette Pass
Mile 1998 — Santiam Pass
Mile 2095 — Timberline Lodge

Washington forecasts

Mile 2211 — Indian Heaven Wilderness
Mile 2292 — White Pass
Miel 2391 — Snoqualmie Pass
Mile 2461 — Stevens Pass
Mile 2518 — Mica Lake
Mile 2630 — Harts Pass

Note: The “current conditions” for these point forecasts are from the nearest weather reporting station which could be many miles away from the actual forecast area and may not be as useful as the actual forecast.

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