Central California Trail Closure

Middle Fork San Joaquin Bridge damaged

The bridge across the Middle Fork San Joaquin River was severely damaged in the 2022-2023 winter and is no longer in place. This large bridge normally provides safe passage at PCT mile 912.2 in Ansel Adams Wilderness and Inyo National Forest across the river. This is in the Reds Meadow area, north of Devils Postpile, outside of Mammoth Lakes.

Please refer to the Inyo National Forest’s Reds Meadow Road Construction site for updates and schedules.

Detour information

A detour trail is being constructed for use when the river is not safely fordable, with a goal for completion in mid-late summer 2024. We will update this page when it becomes usable.

Hikers passing through on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday within the June 7 – September 15 timeframe may use the Reds Meadow Shuttle. Traveling northbound, leave the PCT at mile 908 via the Rainbow Falls Trailhead near Red’s Meadow Pack Station. Take the Reds Meadow Shuttle to Upper Soda Springs Campground and then rejoin the PCT.

Until the new trail is open or the river is safe to ford, northbound hikers passing through Monday-Thursday or outside of the shuttle hours should leave the PCT at mile 908 via the Rainbow Falls Trailhead and travel trail-north along the shoulder of Reds Meadow road until able to rejoin the PCT near mile 912.3, just beyond Upper Soda Springs Campground. It is imperative to remain off to the side of the road. Due to construction and an impending Forest Order, travel on Reds Meadow Road is prohibited. There may be intermittent delays for construction. Stay alert of activity in the area and do not linger.

The road closure impacts access to and from Mammoth Lakes

Inyo National Forest’s Reds Meadow Road Construction will be your best source for information.

Monday through Thursday, the road is fully closed. The best route between Mammoth Lakes and the PCT is via the Red Cones/Mammoth Pass Trail at mile marker 903.9 or 905.1. Don’t arrive in the area without planning ahead.

Friday through Sunday, the road is open for the shuttle bus and you can take it between town and the trail. Please note that it will be crowded.

Reds Meadow Campground will be open Friday and Saturday nights only, first-come first-serve, from June 7- September 15, 2024, for $28 per night. It will be the only campground in the valley to open during the 2024 season. Do not rely on availability. No dispersed camping is allowed in the area. Other facilities, such as restrooms, water and trash services will be limited.

Reds Meadow Resort will be open and offering services. Please visit www.redsmeadow.com for details.

Photo by Abe Espinoza.